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About us

Weddings are about people.

Siyak Seenu started 8 years ago with the aim of bringing a different approach to how weddings in Sri Lanka are filmed and edited. Siyak Seenu is a Sinhalese phrase that literally translates to ‘a myriad bells’ but also connotes the idea of divine celebrations.


We believe that it is well and truly Your Day ~

Instead of following a preconceived format or popular tends in the wedding industry we want to put together your memories in a way that suits your personality and tastes. We strive to make a video that is made unique by the mood and spirit of the day and the emotions of the loved ones who were a part of it.


We believe that less is more ~

Capture your day in the most candid and natural manner with the least amount of intrusion. Replace awkward posing and heavy handed directing with attention to detail that tells the story of your relationship. We strive to be a friendly, approachable crew that will blend in as a part of your wedding day experience rather than appear as hired hands.


Handcrafted to last a lifetime ~

For us, video making is not a factory process. Each edit is given its due time on the editing table. We pick the right music, the right tone and most importantly the right shot to make your memories timeless.

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